Property Management

If you're looking for someone to manage your rental, We're looking for you!


1. You are never charged set-up fees.
Would you believe that most management companies charge $250.00-$500.00 simply to set up your rental property in their
system? I don’t care what kind of software a company is using, it only takes 5 minutes to put your property in the
computer. We are not going to charge you for this service.

2. You do not pay us if your Lee rental property is vacant.
We get paid when the property is rented and you are making money.

3. If your Lee rental doesn’t rent within one month, we take additional steps immediately.
There are many reasons a property remains vacant. If the property doesn’t rent in a month, there is at least one thing
wrong that must be fixed. I have never found an exception.

Perhaps the rent is too high or the property wasn’t as clean as prospective tenants would like. Sometimes something
goes wrong after Lee Property management has a final inspection after a tenant moves out.

When a prospective tenant rejects a property we ask for feedback. This feedback is immensely valuable. If we con-
stantly hear the rent is too high then we can talk with you and make an adjustment. We may not get any calls whatsoever
this often means the same thing.

Sometimes the house just needs to be re-cleaned and a few things fixed.

4. We are Entrepreneurs looking to create a successful rental for you and the landlord.

5. If you are not happy with our service you can fire us with 30 days notice without paying a penalty.